Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Catching Up!!

Catching up on my catching up! This is a post I started many weeks ago, and am just hopping on Blogger again to try to start (again) trying to routinely blog. So, here is this outdate post and hopefully a more current one will be shared soon.
Spring has sprung at Possum Cottage!!!!!!!  Finally!!!!! Winter seemed to have a hard time giving up his spot as king this year (as everyone noticed.)
So now, here we are, enjoying our first Spring at our new place. It's been fun to watch everything green up again. And along with the fresh new life of the grass and trees, we have purchased two new chickens: A "couple" of Silkies. They don't seem to live by very strict Christian morals, so we wonder if perhaps we'll get some baby Silkies at some point. Aren't these birds so crazy looking?
The lady is the one in the very poofy hat.
Our yard became Dandelion Land for a long time. The girls would love going out and picking them and my heart went pitter-patter every time someone would bring me a scraggly bouquet. The first batch has gone to puffballs and were all scattered in the storms over the weekend, but we have a fresh new batch of yellow ones popping up today. Do dandelions grow all year? I don't care if they're weeds, I love them. I need to break out my dandelion recipes, knowing that these ones aren't being peed on by humans I don't know.

The girls are glad to be out of the house after that long winter. And the chickens aren't the only new things in our family. On Mother's Day we took in a dog who needed a home. His name is Ricky and he is a fantastic dog. He's five years old and was raised in a family with lots of small children. He's evidently a lab-border collie mix sort of mutt. But he's wonderful! He needed a new home because he kept running off from his city house every time the door opened. Not a big deal out here, but where they lived he was running into busy streets. We really feel like he came to us though (much like most of our animals) and are grateful to have him. I've always wanted lots of dogs!

And speaking of New Life....

This is a picture Greta drew the day before her baby sister was scheduled to be born. She is saying "Why are you so grumpy?" and I am replying, "Because I don't like having this baby in my belly." It's pretty darn accurate. To say I was tired of being pregnant is an understatement. It was so sick of being pregnant, I was trying all the tricks to naturally induce labor before my scheduled cesarean day. But, it didn't work. (As usual. I have NEVER been successful at inducing labor with any of those old tricks. Bah.)
And so, on April 3rd, Martin and I showed up at the hospital bright and early (not bright. The sun wasn't even up yet it was so early. And then there was a big thunderstorm during her birth) where I was very routinely sliced open and this little beauty was removed:
Ingrid MaryDell! It was an uneventful procedure (always good!) and my hospital stay was really something else. I kind of can't believe how much fun I had. Still, it was good to go home of course, and jump into everyday life with FOUR daughters. Wild!
Ing is a great baby. She's five weeks old now and juuuuust beginning to flash us smiles every once in awhile. She typically wakes up early, then naps again mid-morning to mid-afternoon.

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