Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Days Go By // A Boring Summertime Post

Wasn't that the name of a soap opera in the 90's? Well, it fits my life. I can't even tell you the joy I feel every Monday morning when I wake up and the first thing I do is start thinking out my day and the timeline of our obligations, and then realize, "Nope! It's summer vacation!" 

It's amazing. AMAZING. 

We've been spending our days outside. We had been spraying each other with the hose nonstop for the past couple of weeks, but the girls started screaming at each other more often, so we put the hose away and bought a cheap box of sidewalk chalk. That was a big win. Then somebody found a snail, and now that is the new obsession alongside roly poly bugs. We have a coffee can full of snails and bugs and sometimes when it gets to be lunch time they have to eat lunch with us and it's gross. I really, really like snails, but I don't care to dine with them. 

And speaking of dining, Ingrid is nasty. Yesterday we had our dinner outside. Ingie had a piece of bread and when I walked outside, she was standing next to a tricycle, dipping her bread into the puddle on the seat and eating it. Yuck! I took the bread and gave her a cookie. THEN, only about ten minutes later, Martin brought her inside, her face all covered with dirt, and told me she'd been dipping her cookie in the dirt and eating it. What the heck, Ing!? 

But look at how poetically beautiful she seems here:

You would never guess her taste for mud.

Here's a picture of my bedroom:

Our bedroom is roughly the size of the cabin. Can you believe that? Which makes sense. This past weekend it was raining a lot and we found a leak. Upon investigation in the attic, we discovered that our bedroom (and the girls, which is kind of a cornered-off room of our bedroom, along with the mudroom across from it) looks to have been a garage at one time. Or something. It's sided in the attic, with the same aluminum siding as is on the rest of the house. I don't understand it. I don't understand this house. It's so strange.

Here's our neighbors' house. We will have new neighbors this month and I'm looking forward to meeting them, but I think they might be in for a shock with the level of noise and nudity coming from their neighbors to the east.

Can you see that ladder? It's filled with potted plants and herbs. You can see the tripods down the way too, for peas, beans and cucumber to climb up. I'm so excited about my garden!!!!!!!!!! Things are GROWING. I've already been eating all the herbs and spinach. We've had one banana pepper. I'm so glad it's summer. 

There have been changes to our family regarding jobs. More on that in a next post. Stay tuned! 

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