Thursday, June 16, 2016

More Changes

We've recently gone through some employment changes in our family and I thought I'd post about them. Martin got a new job last winter, and over the past year it hasn't seemed to be as perfect a fit as we'd thought going in. He likes the job itself, it's just the structure (pay) that has been a little hard to deal with. There were frustrations all around and eventually it's turned out that he's staying with that company as a financial planner, but is an hourly worker for his previous “partner” in the business. This has allowed him much more freedom to have other forms of income on the side (which, previously he'd not been allowed to do) and, jumping into that opportunity, he's put the wheels on the ground for something he's been wanting to do for years.

Strange Possum School of Outdoor Living was something he dreamed up a few years back when we lived at our first homestead—Possum Cottage. He's so interested and knowledgable about bushcraft, outdoor skills, primitive skills, etc., he just needed a push (like quitting his zero-income job, haha.) He's just getting his website up and running at and it looks pretty good! There's even a picture of Greta on the bow drill! His classes are all about interesting skills that would be useful basically only if you were lost in the woods, but also are fun to know. Fire building, fire starting, knife use, shelter building, foraging natural materials and food.... stuff like that. The plan is to have a variety of classes for adults, children and families. (I think.)

Anyway, I'm just kind of introducing this now, even though it's just getting off the ground. He started hosting classes informally last fall when he officially got his LLC and was kind of testing the waters. He's also in the process of becoming a dealer of bushcraft style knives and fire-starting kits. It's an exciting new avenue for him and for us! And let me tell you, it's such a relief to see the person you live with being so happy with the way he is spending his time, even if it means a lower income. It's a tradeoff that is absolutely worth it.

So if you're interested in something like this, check in on his website (and keep checking back as it gets tweaked in the coming days and weeks.)

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  1. I'm totally interested in some classes like this for my kiddos!